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    Peck & Hiller
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Bring a 60+ year old commercial construction company into the 21st century.

Ben Kerr, Partner at P&H, asked me to upgrade the brand that his family started in 1949.

As I spent time with Ben and the Peck & Hiller family, I realized that keeping the history of the company visually in tact was critical to the success of the project.

The result was a new mark that feels retro, in a good way, a website that allows customers and partners cloud based access to important documents on site, an ultra premium brochure, a flexible business system and a photographic style and visual language that showcases the modern solutions steeped in tradition that Peck & Hiller delivers in the competitive commercial construction arena.

Peck & Hiller Logo before and after

Logo before and after

Peck & Hiller brochure

Brochure with custom die cut and rivet detail

Peck & Hiller business system

Business system featuring illustrated cityscape and custom envelope design

Peck & Hiller website

Peck & Hiller website

Peck & Hiller image character guide

Image character guide

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