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This project started serendipitously in a few different places. On my team, it began with a project to redesign the landing experience for enterprise learners. I pushed to get the team to explore better more cohesive ways to solve the problem. As it stood, each learner type had a different landing experience and set of tools to use in order to understand where they'd left off in each experience. It wasn't intuitive, and there wasn't a way to show users their aggregate progress.

A senior designer on my team spent a quarter working with our embedded researcher and other designers on different teams to find the right combination of features that would unify and simplify landing experiences across the board.

Once we were able to prove that simplifying landing, and subsequently browsing experiences, would boost engagement and enrollments, the project became a top-line corporate metric for this calendar year.

In the end, wherever we land, the final result will be better for learners and for Coursera.

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