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Sometimes tangible visually represented ideas, backed by solid research, ushers change in a positive direction.

The description of the first two quarters of online enterprise sales could be kindly described as "flat". In order to come anywhere near our targets for the year, the entire team knew that we'd have to change our confusing model and purchase flow. However, the business and product teams could not agree on a solution and so as the year wore on, sales continued to suffer.

My team drove a tested change to the purchase flow for online Enterprise buyers, in partnership with our research partners, which increased ACV 200%+ in less than one quarter. By the end of the year, we'd exceeded our sales expectations by 50% and the trend continues.

It proves that design can drive incredibly meaningful change, especially when backed by good research.

Pricing Model Choices

We simplified the number of options and the complexity of the purchase process.

Pre-Built Programs?

We thought people would want pre-built programs so that they didn't have to customize their programs. Turns out, we were totally wrong on that front. Our buyers did not want to lose the power of choice. This learning was one we incorporated into our successful solution.

Login Options

We tested our buyers tolerance to logging in or signing up before completing their purchase. They were overwhelmingly in favor of having an account before completing their transaction.

Enterprise Online Sales Pre and Post Model Changes

In the first half of the year, our online sales numbers were low and not on target. The spike in sales can be seen post launch of the improved model and purchase flow.

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I love an impossible challenge. The harder the problem, the more I and the teams I build and lead lean in. What’s your design challenge?

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