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Coursera's platform was designed to support world class long form college course content. Our Enterprise customers wanted a tool that would allow them to inject their proprietary short form content into the flow of an existing course to highlight an important point or to add brand specific reference points to topics covered in the course.

Insights is a short form authoring tool that my team designed for this purpose. It was released in Q3 2017 as a pilot. We'll expand its reach by exploring opportunities to widen the pilot and incorporate the tools effective features into other parts of the Coursera experience.

Insights Authoring

We made a tool that makes short form content authoring easy for Enterprise customers.

Mobile Learner View

The mobile interaction is simple for learners to understand at a glance what entries are most recent, the amount of time required to consume each and the topic covered. It's also available offline.

Insights Learner Desktop

The desktop list view for learners. Clear titling and differentiation for each Insight helps learners understand the next right action to take.

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I love an impossible challenge. The harder the problem, the more I and the teams I build and lead lean in. What’s your design challenge?

Let’s make something together.

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