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When I started at Bunchball gamification was just starting to gain traction in the marketplace.

My job was to help it flourish by showing Bunchball’s clients how to create and maintain custom programs that would help them increase user engagement.

I created many customized and successful programs that showcased the power of Bunchball’s Nitro platform while utilizing the most appropriate game mechanics for each solution.

The results were pretty dramatic. Bunchball’s clients saw double diget growth in the programs that my colleagues and I created.

My experience at Bunchball taught me many things about the power of considered user engagement strategy. I continue to put that knowledge to good use in all of the projects I take on.

TEDx talk on the power of gamification

Bravo Real Housewives of Atlanta

Hot or Not Game for Real Housewives of Atlanta Gamification Solution

Despicable Me Gamification Program

Gamification program released as part of the promo engine leading up to the Despicable Me movie debut.

Top Chef

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I love an impossible challenge. The harder the problem, the more I and the teams I build and lead lean in. What’s your design challenge?

Let’s make something together.

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