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Attracting developers to use Apigee to build apps was a key element of success for them. Without an army of loyal users champions would be hard to find because we were carving out a new space and a new marketplace for ourselves. During my time at Apigee our education program went through a number of iterations ending with a full-fledged certificate online training program that required live monitored testing for completion. I enjoyed designing some of the course plans, editing the videos, designing the sites and working with the test creation professionals to make the service a reality for Apigee. It was a big success for them creating a new revenue and upsell stream, as well as a legitimate certificate program enabling partners and solutions architects to work for Apigee's customers on their behalf.

Apigee Developer Marketing Site

Marketing site that featured developer video tutorials, tips and discussion space. We linked from here into our documentation, education site and insanely large content rich library.

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I love an impossible challenge. The harder the problem, the more I and the teams I build and lead lean in. What’s your design challenge?

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