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Everyone knows a solid brand is about so much more than just an identity system.

A brand is most alive and growing when it is thriving throughout the culture of a company.

Part of my role within Apigee was to empower every employee to embody and distribute Apigee's identity, from the design of our office space, to the design of our product, to our sales presentations, swag and user conferences.

Growth and extension of the Apigee brand was a fascinating and rewarding exercise. In order to help facilitate growth and consistency with a lean team, we decided to deliver more than just a set of branding guidelines and a few templates.

Instead, we actively involved every Apigee employee in the role of being brand shepherds. The design team I led helped them understand how to use the tools at their disposal so that they represented Apigee well. But, the key to our success was in allowing Apigeeks to feel involved and responsible for an identity that we were all proud to represent.

Apigee Times Square

Seeing the Apigee brand all over times square the day we went public was one of the most amazing days of my career. Being a steward to a brand for so many years is an amazing opportunity. Helping it grow, change and flourish was a fantastic experience.


Brand Guide

T-Shirt & Collin

Sr. Designer Collin Fry proudly sporting an Apigee branded t-shirt of his own design.

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I love an impossible challenge. The harder the problem, the more I and the teams I build and lead lean in. What’s your design challenge?

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